The Bestwell Group operates two sister facilities in Shanghai, China.  The upscale “Raison d’Etre,” and the cozy and modest “Fait Accompli”.

The luxurious “Raison d’Etre” Suicide Parlor.  Wusongkou Wharf, Shanghai, China, 31.387928, 121.522530

The Raison d’Etre is a fully modern and spotlessly clean personnel elimination facility conveniently located at Wusongkou Wharf in Shanghai.

We’ve created the ultimate experience to ensure a non-threatening environment for the weary visitor without malice, prejudice, or intimidation so common in the coerced retirement industry today. 

Clients can redeem vital organs on-site and earn valuable KinCredits for their surviving family members or company.

The Raison d’Etre is for the discreet and discerning client who has always enjoyed the very best of life, and who now demands a dignified departure.

The Raison d’Etre can accommodate up to 200 souls per day.  Reservations are recommended, but walk-in service is usually available.

Concierge service is available 24/7 to assist you with any final arrangements.